Our Story

Our Story

Verona (dictionary spelling)


Italian ve’ro:na

Town in Italy

Latin: True image, honest image

What is truer, more honest, more pure than a child?

Veronna Damani brings you ‘veronna’ a baby and kidswear brand of clothing, designed as a confluence of all that is pure, honest, and joyful, at its heart.

Winnie the Pooh once said, “We didn’t know we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun.”

It is only when you grow up that you realise how fast your childhood went by. And all that you’re left with are the memories of all the fun you had. Through ‘veronna’ we hope we can become a part of your little one's childhood.

We aim to bring fun into dressing your kids while celebrating their uniqueness and empower them to express their individuality through our beautifully crafted, timeless designs. Our brand comes with the assurance of quality fabrics sourced from across the country. Most of our fabrics are natural fibres, while some are blended fabrics. With each piece that we craft, comfort remains at the core. Our garments are simple, wearable and ever so stylish. The attention to detail and intricate hand-embroidery is what truly distinguishes our clothes.

We live in a world, where it is increasingly important to teach our children to be socially and environmentally conscious, to pay heed to the little things which can go on to make a huge difference. We believe that awareness begins and spreads with every small step we take – as part of our commitment to social responsibility we aim at minimum wastage. Fashion is a high wastage industry and we are left with so much un-used fabric at the end of production. At ‘veronna’ we re-purpose our excess materials to create well-crafted kids accessories.




As a stylist turned fashion entrepreneur, I’ve always looked at fashion as an outlet for self expression – the ability to tell stories by combining fabric and texture. 
I’ve worked at one of the country’s leading fashion and lifestyle magazines, ELLE India, as a stylist and fashion writer, where I gained tremendous insight into the workings of the industry. Apart from the editorial space I’ve also worked extensively on various commercial projects including TVCs, fashion week and look-books.

‘veronna’ was born as a passion project to create clothes for my niece. This need to create unique looks for her everyday was how our first collection came to life. I noticed how from the age of 6 months she started developing a strong personality. At 12 months, she wanted to have a say in what she wore (and what we wore!).
I hope that when a parent visits ‘veronna’ they find something that resonates with them and their child. The stylist in me has made sure that our garments are versatile and can be re-styled easily allowing you to create mulitple looks using the same piece.